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The OptiAir range of air filtration assemblies offers unique designs that provide flexibility in the selection of air filter housings for air filtration systems.

OptiAir products are the smarter choice for reliability and performance, in both new and retrofit applications.

OptiAir air filtration benefits:

  • Lightweight, durable polymer construction housings help increase payload capacity and are more rugged in harsh environments
  • Unique ergonomic single latching system for easy maintenance and element installation
  • Flexible mounting options for configuring the product to meet your needs
  • Smaller in size for easier installation
  • Built-in restriction gauge port to monitor filter performance and maximise service life
  • Available with primary and safety filter elements
  • Suitable for any application and brand of equipment

Should you change air filters by miles or hours?

Air filters should be changed only by engine manufacturer's recommendations on air restriction as measured by an air restriction gauge.

Will air filter efficiency change during the filter's life?

Air filter efficiency changes over time. Air filters are least efficient when new; dirt buildup on the outside of the filter makes it more efficient over 

What is the difference between Cummins Filtration's Magnum and standard line of air filters?

Magnum air filters have more media and more surface area as a result, which extends filter life by providing more dirt holding capacity.

How often should I change my secondary element?

Secondary or inner elements should be changed every third change of the primary element. Secondary filters should not be disturbed until this interval has been reached.

What is Cummins Filtration's recommended air filter change interval?

Cummins Filtration recommends changing the air filter once you have reached 80% of the engine manufacturer's recommendations on air restriction. This ensures minimum downtime during filter change intervals.

Can I use a conventional secondary element with Radial Seal primary filters and vice versa?

No. Once your filter housing has been adapted to use Radial Seal air filters, you must use a radial seal type filter. If your housing has not been adapted for radial seal filters, you must use the standard type filter for proper internal sealing.

What is the micron rating of Cummins Filtration air filters?

Air filters are measured on an efficiency basis over a wide range of particle sizes. Micron ratings do not apply to air filters.