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Lube FiltrationLube oil is the life-blood of an engine. It is essential for reducing friction, cooling engine components and carrying wear material and foreign debris to the filter. If contamination generated by the engine is not filtered out, abrasive material will build up and rapidly wear out the moving parts of the engine.

Oil is a major cost in the ongoing maintenance of an engine. Prolonging the life of the oil and minimising the impact of wear-causing particles are the obvious goals of the filtration system. Yet improving profitability is one of the major advantages of a healthy lubrication system.

By efficiently removing the particles that cause wear in an engine, your engine oil can last longer and therefore require less frequent oil changes (and less labour required for servicing). This translates to more uptime and more revenue.

Fleetguard lube filters incorporate superior filtration techniques to target the root of wear-causing particulate, namely soot.

Soot is generated by the combustion process and forms sludge in the oil. If not kept under control through effective filtration, this highly abrasive material will cause dramatic wear to an engine and adversely impact profitability.

Cummins Filtration produces a vast number of lube filters to fit a variety of engines. Our attention to quality ensures all the filters we make meet or exceed the specifications of original equipment manufacturers.

As the only manufacturer of filters that is owned by an engine company, Cummins Filtration’s expertise is unmatched. 

Product Lines

NanoNet® Lube Filters
LF14000NN is now standard on all new Cummins ISX engines and should be used to service all ISX engines. LF14000NN is suitable wherever LF9080 was previously used.
Venturi™ Combo Lube Filters
More than 75% of contamination found in engine oil is soot. Soot is the major wear-causing component of an engine. At Cummins Filtration, we understand that soot removal is the key to more reliable equipment and increased profitability. Our Venturi Combo series lube filters use advanced design technology to remove soot from engine oil more efficiently.
Centriguard™ Centrifuge Lube Filters
To meet today’s increasingly stringent environmental requirements, engine designs are changing to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. These design changes can result in increased contaminant levels of lube oil – particularly soot, which can cause valve bridge and fuel injection wear, filter plugging, bearing failures and sludge formation.
REN™ Fluid Level Management Products
Some stationary applications, such as oil and gas pumping/compressing stations, power generation and agricultural irrigation systems, need fluid level management systems to ensure the engine is always lubricated. These stations are typically found in remote areas with several applications, spread out over many acres, being maintained by just one person.