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Fuel FiltrationWith the ever-increasing demands of emissions control and fuel economy, Cummins Filtration fuel filtration products provide critical protection to the components of diesel engine fuel systems to achieve optimum performance and reliability.

Poorly performing fuel systems impact fuel economy, power output and cost of ownership through increased maintenance, repairs and downtime.

Whilst diesel fuel is the engine’s energy source, it also performs several other key roles:

  • Cooling – by circulating through the injection system and absorbing unwanted heat
  • Lubrication – by separating the moving components in the fuel feed and injection pumps
  • Cleansing – by transferring contaminants to the fuel filter(s), where they are removed

Fuel systems are affected by various forms of contamination such as particulates, water, paraffin wax and asphaltene. Cummins Filtration is leading the way with new technologies in fuel filtration to removal harmful contaminants, thus improving reliability, service intervals and fuel efficiencies, and reducing costs.

Fleetguard offers two types of fuel filters:

  • Fuel/Water Separators (FS) – Separate water from the fuel and remove large contaminants
  • Fuel Filters (FF) – Remove the smaller contaminant particles from the fuel

Our NanoNet® and Pro Series fuel filters provide solutions to every challenge faced by your fuel system.

Product Lines

NanoNet® Fuel Filters
Fleetguard fuel filters deliver best-in-class performance using proprietary StrataPore or NanoNet media which remove harmful contaminants. Each gradient media layer offers unique properties that tailors performance based on specific applications requirements. Use of Fleetguard on-engine filters ensures optimal fuel system protection per demanding OEM specifications.
Pro Series Fuel Processors
Fleetguard fuel processors are best-in-class at fuel/water separation and particle removal flow capability from 225 to 680 l/hr (60 to 180 gal/hr). With StrataPore media inside, these processors reduce contamination and support longer service intervals. Each system offers unique features, like Water-in-Fuel sensors to monitor collected water level; fuel heaters to maintain proper temperature; and Seeing Is Believing™ technology that tells users when to change the filter. The Product range includes Fuel Pro®, Diesel Pro® and Industrial Pro® “All-in-One” single, double (duplex) and triple (triplex) units for On-Highway, Off-Highway and stationary industrial applications and equipment.
Fuel Island Filtration
Cummins Filtration offers a first line of defense at the fuel storage tank to ensure clean fuel reaches the engine system of your equipment. High performance Fleetguard fuel island filters offer superior protection plus a troubleshooting diagnostic tool that allows for longer service intervals.