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Welcome to the new FleetguardMAP coolant analysis service provided by Fleetguard.

For registered users please click here FleetguardMAP.

For new users, please register here.

Check out these helpful links to get started:

How to Register How to take a sample
How to Register How to take a sample

Click above to watch 'How To Register for FleetguardMAP' and 'How To Register Equipment and Redeem Kits'.

For more information, please read the mini guide below.

Instructions for taking and sending a sample:

  1. Clean all of the dust, dirt and sludge from around the sampling point.
  2. Take the sample as soon as possible after the shut down.
  3. Take the sample according to manufacturers instructions, preferably using a​ Fleetguard vacuum sampling pump. Fleetguard Part Number: CC2802.
  4. Seal the bottle immediately after filling and ensure the sample cap is screwed on firmly to prevent leakage.
  5. Complete the Equipment Information Form fully. Record any coolant top ups which have occurred since the last test sample. Ensure that your email address is entered as results will be reported via email.
  6. Peel off the unique sample number and affix to the lid of the sample bottle.
  7. Insert the sample bottle into the ziplock bag. Insert both the bag and the form into the black mailing canister and post via Australia Post.
  8. Alternatively, if sending multiple samples please package in a suitable box and address box to: FleetguardMAP, 31 Garden St, Kilsyth 3137.
  9. If posting from New Zealand, please post samples via your preferred international parcel service.
  10. Please check the engine manufacturer’s details for specific sampling instructions.
  11. The standard terms and conditions of Cummins Filtration International Corporation shall apply to the sampling or other handling of the samples.