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Cummins Filtration cares about maintaining a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment. Going beyond compliance, we proactively seek improvements to products and processes and offer environmentally friendlier product choices for all major engine systems.

Enviroguard open crankcase ventilation systems use patented technology to control oil drip and filter crankcase aerosols in diesel engine applications. Enviroguard offers outstanding competitive benefits, including improved engine performance, no maintenance or service requirements, and a design that lasts the life of the engine.

Enviroguard systems provide superior aerosol filtering of crankcase emissions, commonly known as blowby. Blowby is a growing threat to safety and the environment. Enviroguard is six times more efficient than conventional wire mesh breather systems in filtering aerosol emissions. The system works by capturing, separating and coalescing air particulate in the blowby emissions and returning the oil to the crankcase with filtered gases vented to the atmosphere.

Enviroguard also eliminates messy oil drip problems. When high pressure gases and oils escape around piston rings, they vent into the atmosphere. The oily mist attracts dust and airborne particles, resulting in an accumulation of contaminants, both on the engine and on the surface beneath it. This condition increases the clean up required in the engine compartment and results in unsightly and potentially dangerous oil drips and environmental waste on highways, parking lots, garage floors and driveways.

During 800,000 kilometres of operation, oil drips from a wire mesh breather system can result in as much as two litres of oil released into the atmosphere. The Enviroguard™ system reduces oil drip to less than six tablespoons.