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Cooling Systems

40% of all engine problems originate from within the engine cooling system.

Many engine issues are caused by inadequate maintenance practices. Modern diesel engines require a fully formulated, premixed, glycol-based coolant containing a heavy duty additive package and de-ionised water.

Cummins Filtration Australia stands out from other heavy duty engine coolant suppliers because we manufacture the products we sell. Our vast wealth of engine knowledge and expertise enables us to design products that meet the stringent specifications of heavy duty engine manufacturers and test them in real world situations before they go to market. You can be assured that our coolants have been proven through thousands of hours of global field trials before they end up in your engine cooling system.

Fleetguard coolants are designed to be safer, last longer, perform better and be easier to service. They are suitable for all engines and meet stringent requirements for Cummins’ performance specifications – the only products on the market to do so.

The cooling system – an extreme environment

The cooling system can become a corrosion nightmare if not maintained correctly. Coolant is propelled around the cooling system at high velocity (usually 45,000–60,000 L/hr), there are some extremely high temperatures involved (3,000°C in the combustion chamber) and various metallic components. In effect, the cooling system can virtually become a giant battery, resulting in corrosion and, ultimately, engine failure.

Controlling the coolant pH is vital. Whether you face a simple coolant leak from a corroded radiator, or a more expensive engine rebuild because of liner pitting and corrosion, the result is the same: engine malfunction which equates to time and money wasted on repairs and downtime.

Coolant is not a ‘fit and forget’ item. It needs to be maintained, tested and inspected on a regular basis, and periodically replaced. Dosing instructions need to be rigorously followed to ensure full system protection.

Remember: if you look after your coolant, your coolant will look after your cooling system, which will in turn protect your engine.

Keeping your equipment fighting fit with Fleetguard coolants and proper care will protect your investments. Fleetguard has an extensive range of coolant and cooling system service products covering OEMs as diverse as:

  • Cummins
  • Volvo
  • Scania
  • Iveco
  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • CNH
  • Navistar
  • Perkins
  • Mack
  • MTU/Detroit

Product Lines

PG Platinum™ Heavy Duty Engine Coolant
PG Platinum is our flagship engine coolant. Based on an organic additive package, PG Platinum is designed to protect you, your engine and your environment.
PGPlus™ Heavy Duty Engine Coolant
PG Plus has provided superior heavy duty cooling system protection in every type of engine application and industry for the past 15 years. PG Plus is the coolant of choice for many major fleet owners. It has extended the life of countless engines across a variety of industries.
Cooling System Cleaners
Engine issues inevitably cause problems in the cooling system, and vice versa. The most important function of the coolant in your cooling system is to transfer heat from the hot metal surfaces to the radiator. If the metal surfaces suffer any type of contamination this ability is reduced, putting excess strain on oil and engine components and ultimately resulting in premature failures.
Cooling System Service Products
No engine cooling system is maintenance free. Over time coolant can degrade through dilution with water and additives can deplete. Foreign substances can enter the cooling system, affecting the coolant chemistry. Products can get mixed, making testing and servicing difficult.