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Air FiltrationJust 200 grams of dirt can destroy an engine.

Contamination of intake air by dust and dirt causes engine wear, reduced performance and costly maintenance. That’s why air filtration is one of the most critical functions for effective engine performance.

​Fleetguard air filtration products are designed to effectively reduce the amount of damage-causing dust and dirt particles that make their way into your equipment’s engine.

The Fleetguard range works to prolong engine life, maintain engine output and maximise fuel economy. Every Fleetguard product meets or surpasses the quality and performance standards required by a new engine.

The Fleetguard product line covers a wide range of industries and uses, and is readily available Australia-wide. Fleetguard also provides the best backup and warranty in the industry.

Extend your service intervals, keep your equipment working hard and maximise profitability for your business with Fleetguard air filters. 


Product Lines

Magnum® & Magnum RS® Heavy Duty Air Filters
Designed to meet the rugged demands of equipment that operates in the harshest environments, the Fleetguard Magnum and Magnum RS (radial seal) primary and safety air elements provide real-world value. The standard Magnum filter range offers axial seal protection and more media for greater dirt-holding capacity. This means longer life and less downtime caused by filter changes. The Magnum RS series has the added feature of radial seals. These provide greater sealing protection to further reduce the amount of damage-causing dirt that reaches your engine’s critical components.
NanoForce® Heavy Duty Air Filters
NanoForce air filters deliver the cleanest combustion air possible for On & Off Highway engine applications. Nanofibre, when combined with our enhanced pleat design delivers optimal air filter performance for superior engine protection and lower equipment operating costs.
OptiAir™ Air Filtration Assemblies
Cummins Filtration’s patented OptiAir technology addresses key design requirements of all equipment manufacturers while outperforming conventional radial seal designs.
Air Intake Filter Precleaners
Precleaners are essential to improve the life of air intake filter elements in harsh environments. Precleaners help remove dirt and debris before it gets to the filter element, for longer filter life and fewer element changes.
Cleaning Air Filters
Like many other air filter manufacturers, Cummins Filtration do not recommend the cleaning of air filters. However, some equipment owners and maintenance supervisors believe that cleaning and reusing heavy-duty air filters can lower operating costs. Before you decide to clean your filters, please consider the facts