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Fleetguard Inline AdBlue Filter Kit – UK177

Say goodbye to troublesome in-tank AdBlueTM filters for good.

As EPA Emissions Standards continue to increase, an optimally functioning Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system has never been more important. SCR systems exist to convert harmful NOx gases into harmless water and nitrogen, significantly reducing the environmental impact of diesel exhaust gases. This chemical reaction is triggered by injecting Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), or AdBlue, a solution of deionized water and high-grade urea, into the system.

But just like any fluid in an engine system, contaminants in DEF can cause the system to malfunction and accelerate wear of its sensitive components, such as injector nozzles and doser pumps. Effective and reliable filtration is therefore required to filter the DEF and prolong the service life of the entire SCR unit.

This month, Fleetguard have introduced a new inline urea filter and installation kit, designed to prevent maintenance downtime and increase productivity. It comes as much needed relief from difficult to access and troublesome in-tank filters. The inline filter, which is fitted outside of the DEF tank, has five times the capacity of traditional in-tank AdBlue filters, and takes around a third of the time to change, increasing service intervals and reducing downtime for your engine. The mount is robust and durable, and the element has been designed with an easy to use twist on, twist off feature, minimising the likelihood of contaminants falling in during changeover.

Fleetguard’s new inline AdBlue filter is highly efficient, 98% at 40-micron particle size. This ensures maximum protection of the SCR system, including the DEF doser pump, which is prone to suffer from contamination failures, particularly in dusty environments.

Fleetguard’s inline AdBlue filter is compatible with all AdBlue/DEF applications. The replacement element is part number UF110, the element with filter head is UF111 and the installation kit is UK178 and includes element, head, hose and fittings.

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