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Since 1948, Cummins Filtration has offered fluid level automation products worldwide. Our products are built tough for long life for stationary applications such as prime power, continuous running engines, Oil & Gas pumping stations, & stationary Irrigation Pump engines. These products eliminate oil system maintenance worries and ensure equipment uptime for reduced operating costs -- a winning combination.

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Oil Supply Reservoirs can be used in conjunction with the Oil Level Regulator, Slow Flow Meter and Continuous Oil Change Module to provide a complete fluid replenishment system.

Oil Level Regulator automatically maintains the proper crankcase oil level in multi-cylinder engines on stationary applications. It saves on oil consumption and increases engine overhaul intervals by maintaining optimum engine oil levels. It also allows a maintenance person to quickly check the oil level of any stationary application to make sure there has been no significant change in oil level that could prove to be harmful.

Slow Flow Meter is intended primarily for measuring lube oil consumption on engine and compressor applications. It is a cost-effective solution for visible and accurate reading of engine oil consumption and can be used with the Oil Level Regulator for a perfectly matched oil control system.

Oil Change Module continuously changes oil on a running engine and maintains constant oil quality, regardless of engine running time. It greatly reduces and simplifies maintenance leading to longer engine life and extended time between overhauls.

Liquid Level Switch can be used to indicate levels of engine oil, hydraulic fluid, or coolant antifreeze. It is double sealed for protection in explosive environments.