Sea Pro® | Cummins Filtration


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More original equipment manufacturers are specifying advanced fuel filter/water separators for their marine diesel engines. The Sea Pro FH240 filters rise to the occasion by providing maximum efficiency and optimum performance with the use of premium NanoNet® media. NanoNet traps and retains contaminants even under real world vibration and flow surge.

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All-In-One Fuel Filter, Fuel/Water Separator

Easiest to Maintain

  • Easier, hassle-free filter change

  • 5x more water holding capacity than the FH234 series

  • Low restriction check valve eliminated loss of prime when draining or changing the filter

  • Sturdy, quick-acting drain for water and contaminant removal

  • Water-In-Fuel (WIF) sensor kit available

Highest Performance

  • Meets OEM efficiency requirements, measured in terms of Beta ratio.

  • 67% increased media area to ensure greater protection of your engine

  • Proprietary media ensures the best fuel water separation available

  • 500 hour service life recommendation

  • Reduced restriction of flow by up to 9%