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  • Dealers and distributors
    Use our online Worldwide Retail Locator to find a Fleetguard dealer or distributor in your area.          
  • Online Ordering
    ​For your convenience, shop online at shop.cummins.com.

  • Phone
    Call the Customer Assistance Representative for your region toll-free and place your order for all filtration products. One call does it all! Our friendly representatives are well-trained to answer product ordering questions and can assist you with orders for single-packs, carton quantities, maintenance kits, and delivery options..

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    Product orders can be quickly processed using our automated EDI process. Ask the Customer Assistance Representative in your region to establish an EDI account for your business to do electronic ordering.

  • Global AOI (Automatic Order Integration)
    Cummins Filtration offers the ability for customers to send purchase orders via email as an alternative to traditional EDI. A process where customers can place orders without using a VAN (Value Added Network). Orders can be sent as a standard email or as an email with an attachment. Cummins Filtration supports many different attachment formats such as .xls, .pdf, .txt, .doc. After an initial mapping setup, these orders are automatically translated and entered into our order management system. This process provides timely and accurate order entry while eliminating data entry errors or discrepancies. Contact the Customer Assistance Representative in your region to get more information.

  • Delivery Options 
    Remember, Cummins Filtration offers a variety of delivery options designed for your specific business needs. Delivery schedules can be established for your shipments. Talk to the Customer Assistance Representative in your region about the delivery option you prefer.