OptiAir™ Air Filtration | Cummins Filtration


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Cummins Filtration is revolutionizing air filtration design with the introduction of its patented OptiAir™ technology. The technology addresses key design requirements of all original equipment manufacturers:

  • Reduction in system size to fit shrinking engine compartments

  • Longer filter life to extend service intervals

  • Integrated precleaner to help extend filter life

  • Lower system restriction to deliver maximum engine performance

  • Reduced service time


Leadership through Innovation
OptiAir™ air elements offer the following advantages over conventional radial seal designs:

  • Up to 50% greater capacity by increasing the effective media area resulting in extended service intervals, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

  • Up to 65% less initial restriction by increasing the air outlet area.

OptiAir™ elements can handle higher CFM flow rates with lower initial restriction. Higher flow and lower restriction means the filter can do the work of other filters in a smaller overall package size.