NanoNet® Designs | Cummins Filtration


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Today’s Cummins engines give higher performance and better fuel economy than ever before. Lubricating oils have also evolved to meet the demands of the harshest driving and operating conditions, and now filters are evolving too. Meet the latest in lube filtration technology – the LF14000NN with NanoNet® media.


The Next Generation of Lube Filtration
With advanced research and media manufacturing capabilities, Cummins Filtration has developed nanofiber media for Fleetguard lube filters. The pairing of NanoNet® media with StrataPore® media has created a new breed of lube filter that offers higher efficiency, higher capacity and the best cold flow vs restriction available. This makes the LF14000NN the best choice for providing maximum protection for your Cummins ISX engine.
Superior Traits, Better Adaptability
Other manufacturers claiming to use nanofiber media actually use microglass media, which can degrade and migrate downstream, causing the very damage you’re trying to prevent. With 100% synthetic NanoNet media that is engineered to last, Fleetguard filters become the superior choice, especially in challenging environments.
Surpassing the Competition
In meeting OEM requirements, other manufacturers pass only one or two of the test standards at best. Fleetguard filters out-perform all other filters on stringent tests including efficiency, capacity, cold flow ability and element collapse.


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