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Cummins Filtration Releases FH240 Series Sea Pro® Fuel Processor for Marine Applications
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (DATE)—Cummins Filtration announces the Fleetguard Sea Pro® FH240 Series, its latest release in state-of-the-art fuel filter/water separator technology for marine diesel engines 19L and larger. As engine fuel systems become increasingly sophisticated, the removal of water and other contaminants has never been more critical. The Sea Pro FH240 series is engineered to successfully meet and exceed requirements for clean fuel in commercial marine applications. The Sea Pro FH240 Series is designed to reduce marine engine maintenance costs, improve the efficiency of fuel systems, and maximize uptime. It provides service intervals in excess of 500 hours; in certain customer field trials, service intervals have extended beyond 1,000 hours. Available in a range of configurations (single, dual and duplex in both short and tall sizes), the Sea Pro FH240 Series can be customized for specific applications. Duplex configurations are especially effective at maximizing engine uptime because they enable filter service events to take place without requiring the engine to be shut down. Simply reroute the fuel flow to the opposite side of the Sea Pro unit and replace the used filter element for a new one—it’s that easy.
Cummins Filtration Moves to New Corporate Headquarters
Cummins Filtration Inc., an industry leader in diesel engine filtration technology, announces that it has moved its corporate headquarters to the One Century Place building in Nashville, TN, effective January 25, 2016. The company will occupy a newly redesigned 30,515 sq. ft. space for executives and staff including sales, engineering, purchasing, finance and human resources. The office consolidates all employees on a single floor, allowing for an entirely open and flexible workspace. “This space will ensure that we have capacity for growth, and the open floor plan will provide opportunities for teams and individuals to focus, learn, collaborate and socialize,” says Amy Davis, General Manager for Cummins Filtration. “It will encourage employee engagement and productivity while improving our utilization of the workplace.” One Century Place is located 4 miles from Nashville International Airport and 6 miles from downtown. It has ample conference space, parking and access to hotels.
Best-In-Class Lube Filter for Cummins ISX15 Engines
Cummins Filtration Inc., an industry leader in diesel engine filtration technology, announced today the release of the Fleetguard LF14000NN lube filter for Cummins ISX15 diesel engines.