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Corporate responsibility is a core value for Cummins Filtration, a fundamental part of who we are and how we do business. Our success as a corporation will be increasingly influenced by our ability to understand the societies within which we do business.

Corporate responsibility involves far more than the development of new social programs. A social profile is an essential part of the selection of new plant sites, market penetration and consideration of potential ventures. We have a responsibility to use part of our resources to respond to the needs of the society which gives us our charter. We can, in the long run be a healthy company only in so far as we exist and serve within an economically and socially healthy society. To learn more, click here. 

Cummins Filtration offers a stimulating environment where you can interact with people from around the world on a daily basis. Our global values of treating each other with dignity and respect promote a workplace where people are motivated to develop to their full potential.

We recognize the power of the diverse minds, experiences, cultures and perspectives that our employees possess. We believe that diversity is one of our key competitive advantages. To insure that we are continuously making progress through diversity and to insure that it remains an integral part of our business, we have Diversity Councils to help our lines of business develop and implement customized diversity plans. To learn more, click here. 

Environmental Responsibility
Offering environmentally friendly products as the global leader in providing filtration, coolant and chemical technology for diesel and gas-powered equipment worldwide, Cummins Filtration takes its environmental responsibility seriously. With more than 525 active global patents for innovative technology, Cummins Filtration continues to provide environmental leadership by designing products for the future that extend service life, lower emissions and eliminate harmful toxins.

Our environmentally safer products continually meet or exceed global emissions and noise regulations, reduce disposal issues, support extended maintenance, lower operating costs and increase vehicle uptime. To achieve these results, Cummins Filtration offers an integrated system approach for equipment maintenance with environmentally friendly product choices for all major engine systems. The green products include the following state-of-the-art technologies:

• Open Crankcase Ventilation
• Oil and Fuel Modules with Incinerable Replacement Cartridges
• Industrial Pro™ Diesel Fuel Filtration
• Sea Pro® Marine Diesel Fuel Processor
• The User-Friendly Filter
• ES Compleat™ Glycerin Premix Long-Life Antifreeze/Coolant 

As part of supporting the sustainability initiative, we are continuously committed to economic, environmental and social leadership. We all strive to deliver value and excellence to all our stakeholders, whether they are investors, customers, employees, or the communities in which we live and work. We aim for continued improvement in these important sustainability areas, but this recognition is a sign that our efforts are headed in the right direction. 

Everything we do today flows from our commitment to "making people's lives better by unleashing the power of Cummins. Corporate responsibility and working toward a cleaner, healthier, safer environment are primary components of Cummins’ commitment to sustainability.