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Every good cooling system maintenance program should include regular coolant testing to determine if the proper level of protection is present or if contaminants exist. A good coolant testing program eliminates guesswork and allows the cooling system to maintain peak performance.


3-Way SCA/Freeze Point Strips
Easy to use test strips to measure protection against liner pitting, corrosion and coolant dilution.

  • Measures Freeze Point and Molybdate/Nitrite

  • Results in 45 - 75 Seconds

QuikChek Coolant Quality Strips
Easy to Use Test Strips to measure for overall coolant quality.

  • Measures Levels of pH, Sulfate and Chloride

  • Minimizes Unnecessary Draining of Coolant still within Specifications

Water-Chek 3-Way Strips
Easy to Use Test Strips to Determine if Coolant Make-Up Water Meets OEM, TMC and ASTM Specifications.

  • Measures pH, Chloride and Hardness

Determines the Freeze Point Protection for Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol Coolants.

  • More Accurate than Test Strips or Float-Type Hydrometers

  • Durable Storage Case Included

Monitor-C™ Laboratory Testing - Coolant Analysis
Expert Laboratory Analysis with On-line Reporting, Results in 24 HoursMeasures Molybdate, Nitrate, pH, Hardness, Chloride, Sulfates, Corrosion Products (iron, lead, etc), and Silicates

  • Tests for Freeze/Antifreeze Points, TDS and Buffers

  • Available in Both Standard Packaging and with a Prepaid Mailer

Cummins Filtration also offers professional laboratory fluid testing for fuel, oil, hydraulic and transmission fluids. Click here to learn more.