Innovation | Cummins Filtration


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The Forefront of Media Evolution
The commitment that Cummins Filtration has in providing customers with the industry best filtration led to the development of our own proprietary filter media over two decades ago. At that time, Cummins was the first to introduce 100% synthetic polymeric microfiber media into the diesel engine market for both lube and fuel applications. In order to accomplish this, we developed the process to make StrataPore® filter media, which our machines still produce today. Once again, Cummins Filtration has taken another leap forward in filtration technology, progressing from microfiber media to nanofiber media with the introduction of our new NanoNet® advanced filtration media. NanoNet is just one example of our innovation and dedication to protecting our customers with the very best in filtration solutions. 


Solution Driven Innovation
A few years after developing and further learning about the capabilities of our patented NanoNet nanofiber media, Cummins Filtration took the advanced media technology to other product lines including both air and lube filter applications. Designed specifically for use in heavy-duty off-highway equipment, NanoForce® nanofiber air filters provide the most advanced air filtration engine protection in the industry today. Similarly, NanoNet nanofiber media was adapted into our lube filtration solutions in conjunction with Cummins engine testing and has proven extremely successful in protecting the engine while optimizing engine efficiency.


Coolants and Chemicals Expertise
Did you know that Cummins has been producing coolant solutions for over 50 years? Under the Fleetguard brand, we offer a wide variety of coolant solutions to meet your specific engine application needs, including our top of the line ES Compleat® OAT (Organic Acid Technology) which is a life-of-the-engine, 1 million mile coolant. Cummins Filtration coolant experts carefully engineer our coolants to offer maximum protection and compatibility for today's major engine OEMs.