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  Transmission System
Transmission Filter Photo
Transmission Filter Photo
Transmission Filter Photo
Transmission Filter Photo
Optimal performance of automatic transmission systems depends on excellent quality filtration. As the technological leader, Cummins Filtration® offers a complete line of Fleetguard transmission filtration products and fluid analysis programs as part of your regular transmission maintenance program.
Fleetguard transmission filters are designed and tested in real world operating environments to perform with maximum reliability
and provide these comparative benefits:
  • Higher filtration efficiency
  • Exceptional flow without filter plugging
  • Superior structural integrity under fluid system pressure
  • Longer filter life
  • Guaranteed performance which meets or exceeds OEM specifications
Because transmission fluid cools, lubricates and transmits hydraulic power, it is critical to maintain adequate fluid levels in your system at all times. When the fluid level is too low, the converter, bushings, bearings and clutches do not receive an adequate supply of fluid. If fluid levels are too high, they can aerate and cause your transmission to shift erratically or overheat.

For maximum performance and protection, transmission fluid and filters should be changed according to engine manufacturer recommendations. Harsh environments, severe operation or extreme duty cycles may require more frequent change intervals. Transmission system protection is optimized with the Fleetguard Monitor™ oil, transmission and hydraulic fluid analysis testing kits, which provide results within 24 hours and allow transmission system troubleshooting before problems arise. Periodic inspections of drive shaft components, electrical charging system, transmission oil coolers and engine cooling systems should also be performed to identify potential problems and protect against transmission malfunction.

With the broadest range of OE replacement parts for Allison®, GM®, Ford®, Chrysler®, Magnefine®, Mitsubishi®, Nissan®, and Toyota® transmissions, Fleetguard transmission filtration technology leads the market with expert engineering, real world performance, and the most dependable service in the industry.

Cummins Filtration also offers professional laboratory fluid testing for fuel, coolant, hydraulic and transmission fluids. Click here to learn more.


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