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  Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner
Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner Photo
Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner Photo
In today's high-performance diesel engines, fuel and other contaminants can combine to form harmful deposits especially when exposed to the high temperatures and pressures associated with advanced fuel injection system equipment.
Fleetguard's Asphaltene Conditioner is a premium fuel additive that offers many performance benefits, including:
  • Prevents Filter Plugging
  • Stabilizes Diesel Fuel
  • Cleans Injectors
  • Improves Lubricity
  • Optimizes Fuel Economy and Horsepower
  • Provides Fuel System Corrosion Protection
  • Reduces Fuel/Water Emulsions
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Reduced Emissions
  • OEM Approved
  • Compatible with All Types of Diesel Fuel (Including ULSD* and Biodiesel Blends Up to B20)
There are clear and measurable advantages to incorporating a multifunctional diesel fuel additive into diesel fuel. The end user of Asphaltene Conditioner treated fuel will appreciate the differences in terms of improved driveability, reduced combustion noise, longer component life and reduced operating costs.


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