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  Cooling System
Cooling System Photo
Cooling System Photo
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Estimates project that over 40% of total engine repair costs are related to problems that originate in the cooling system. Repairs are costly and create unnecessary downtime that affects equipment operations and customer deadlines. Fleetguard cooling system products provide unmatched protection with an easy maintenance program so that you can keep your engines running longer and stronger.

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  • Cooling System Testing
  • Functions of Cooling Systems
  • Cooling System Cleaning
  • ES Compleat OAT
  • Hybrid Coolant
    Unmatched Protection
    In addition to providing superior freeze and boil over protection, Fleetguard products protect your engine from the most damaging cooling system problems, including:
    • Scale
    • Corrosion
    • Liner pitting
    Fleetguard coolants are manufactured to the highest standards and meet the performance specifications of all major OEMs. You can depend on Fleetguard cooling system products to provide unmatched protection to your engine.

    Easy Maintenance
    Fleetguard cooling system maintenance is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
    1. Fill with the lifetime coolant that meets your needs.
    2. Maintain additive levels at regular service intervals with liquid additives or chemically charged filters.
    3. Test with our simple dip and read test strips and maintain as needed.
    One Stop Shop
    Our comprehensive line of cooling system products includes everything you need to ensure an easy, trouble-free cooling maintenance program: All Fleetguard coolants and coolant additives are compatible with all other coolants available and are suitable for use in all gasoline, diesel, and natural gas engines.


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