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An experienced global leader in the filtration industry, Cummins Filtration has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge filter technology for diesel  engines since 1958. Cummins Filtration has a history of providing innovative products to meet stringent industry requirements. The same high standards for particle removal and breathability are also required for the ASTM Level 2 face mask. We’re making our advanced technology available to you.

Our proprietary charged enhanced meltblown polypropylene features high bacterial filter efficiency (BFE) ≥98%. Cummins Filtration media delivers high sustained capture efficiency plus required “breathability.”  To learn more about Cummins Filtration media for respirators, check out our product brochure.

Earlier this year, Cummins donated media material to the University of Minnesota to support efforts to expand their supply of mask’s and develop an open source face mask design. Visit the University of Minnesota’s Face Mask site for more information on their face mask designs. Media packs for these designs are available from the Cummins Publications Store.   

Cummins fiber media is not intended for medical purposes and has not been tested to ASTM Test Method F1862 or cleared by the FDA.  Cummins Filtration makes no representations as to the fitness of the media for medical purposes, and it disclaims all warranties, express and implied.  The contents of this webpage are for informational purposes only, and manufacturers should test all products into which the media is incorporated for safety and efficacy in accordance with federal law. 

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