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Cummins Filtration's crankcase ventilation systems are innovative products using patented technologies to control oil drip and crankcase emissions in diesel engine applications. The open crankcase ventilation (OCV) systems provide superior aerosol filtering of crankcase emissions, commonly known as blow-by. Blow-by is the result of high pressure gases and oils escaping around piston rings and venting to the atmosphere. This oily mist attracts dust and airborne particles, resulting in an accumulation of contaminants, both on the engine and on the surface beneath it. This condition increases the clean-up required in the engine compartment, as well as unsightly oil drips on highways, bodies of water, parking lots, crops, garage floors and driveways.

Cummins Filtration offers a complete line of OCVs for diesel engine applications from 60 to 640 HP. Benefits of the systems include:
Virtually eliminates oil drip
Reduces oil consumption
Superior aerosol filtration and collection
Reduces engine maintenance and down time
No service required
System Life = Engine Life
Warranty - 3 years
Cummins Filtration Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) Retrofit Kit protects the engine and provides the best solution for emissions removal - helping to reduce oil consumption by eliminating mist, aerosol vapors and oil drip in the engine compartment.
OEM Approved / Validated
Filters up to 99% of oil drip from blow-by
Filters up to 95% of aerosol vapors from blow-by
Eliminates 100% of engine compartment fumes
Applies to most diesel engine applications with up to 10L engine displacement (or up to 12ft³/min (340L/min) of crankcase blow-by)
For certain OEM engines, retrofit kit can be applied to engine applications with up to 15L engine displacement
Compact design mounts easily in engine compartment
Up to 3 times longer service intervals than competition
For Federal/State Retrofit Funding use part number **CV51118 kit
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Verified
Verification applies when used with Cummins Emission Solutions diesel oxidation catalyst
High efficiency coalescing filter assembly
Crankcase Depression Regulator (CDR) Valve that regulates pressure between engine crankcase and turbocharger inlet
CDR Valve bracket
Oil drain-back to the engine oil sump
** Additional hardware (hoses, clamps, oil drain back fittings, etc.) required to complete installation.
CCV Kit combined with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
This Cummins Emission Solution product combination is verified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to not only reduce emissions but to also provide a cleaner, safer operating environment, for diesel engines model years 1991-2003, regardless of engine manufacturer. Click here to learn more.

Ecovent Crankcase Ventilation
The Ecovent Crankcase Ventilation system has been supplied to the marine and stationary engine market for over twenty years. Today it is used on nearly every major make of industrial diesel and natural gas engines. They have been used and specified by:
U.S. Navy
Coast Guard
Foreign Governmental Agencies
Yacht Owners and Ship Builders
Engine Builders and Packagers for both Marine and Industrial Applications
NOTE: If natural gas, or if fuels containing sulfur or halogen chemicals are used, do not return the oil to the engine.