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Sea Pro ® FH240 Series
All-In-One Fuel Filter, Fuel/Water Separator with NanoNet Media
Water in Fuel (particularly emulsified water) is a severe issue in the marine environment worldwide.
The fuel quality -depending on the place the vessel is fueled- is (at best) inconsistent and (in many instances) insufficient.

Fuel handling and fuel storage is the breeding ground for multiple threats to the fuel injection system including Organic Filter Plugging, Microbial Growth and Wax & Ice Crystal Filter Plugging.
As a result, more original equipment manufacturers are specifying advanced fuel filter/water separators for their marine diesel engines. The Sea Pro FH240 fuel processor series provides maximum efficiency and optimum performance with the use of premium NanoNet media. NanoNet traps and retains contaminants even under real world vibration and flow surge.
Sea Pro  Features and Benefits
• NanoNetMedia Technology - the best fuel injection system protection currently available in the industry
• 2x longer Filter Service Life compared to competitive products (under identical working conditions)
• Better emulsified water removal efficiency compared to competitor products
• 5x higher water holding capacity - extended drain intervals
• Higher efficiency (Beta Ratio of 1.000 = 13x Better )
• 67% Increased media area for better engine protection
Easy to Maintain
• Easier, hassle-free filter change
• Low restriction check valve eliminates loss of prime when draining or changing the filter
• Sturdy, quick-acting drain for water and contaminant removal
• Water-In-Fuel (WIF) sensor kit available
The FH240 Sea Pro series fuel processors have obtained all relevant Marine type approval certificates including German Lloyds and Det Norske Veritas.

For more details on the new FH240 Series, please visit us at SMM , the leading international maritime trade fair from September 6-9 in Hamburg Germany. We look forward to welcome you on our booth in
Hall A4, Stand 208.