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The fuel supply, which includes the processing, transportation and long-term storage of diesel fuel is a critical stage that can lead to contamination and degradation of the fuel. Studies show that today’s fuel is not clean enough and only 43% (!) of all fuel distributed worldwide meets the particle concentration of 18/16/13 which should be achieved at the storage tank. Failure to meet this requirement can lead to severe fuel system component damage because the on-engine fuel filtration will not be able to accomplish the target fuel cleanliness of 12/9/6 which equates to less than 4,000 particles of 4μm © and greater.

To minimize fuel contamination in a storage tank, Fleetguard fuel storage tank filtration is the effective and inexpensive way to meet the ISO4406 standard for fuel cleanliness and to protect costly fuel components, minimize operational cost and maximize equipment uptime.  A Fleetguard fuel filter in conjunction with a filter head - integrated in your pump filling system is the fast lane to a good fuel quality in your storage tank.