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Fleetguard Hydraulic Product Offerings

For your convenience, filter elements are available in a variety of media and micron rating efficiencies. Filters can be selected for petroleum- and water-base fluid compatibility. Filter heads are also available in multiple inlet/outlet port sizes and by-pass valve settings.

System performance, design flexibility and product quality are reflected in Fleetguard's diverse hydraulic filtration product line.

Multiple Options
Our hydraulic filters offer a wide range of capabilities, depending on the model.

Duramax™ Replacement Filters
Cummins Filtration offers an extensive line of replacement hydraulic filters for the Donaldson® Duramax™.

OEM and Competitor Replacements
Cummins Filtration offers an extensive line of mobile and industrial hydraulic filter replacements for competitors like Donaldson®, Fairey Arlon, Hycon, Pall Corporation, Parker Hannifin, Schroeder Industries and Vickers. Call the Customer Assistance Center in your region for more information.

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