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ES Compleat OAT Completes Portfolio of Fleetguard Premium Coolant Products
Next to its broad offering of quality filtration products for different markets and applications, Cummins Filtration is also well-known in the market place for its own-formulated premium coolant under its core brand Fleetguard. Acknowledging the current paradigm shift from Hybrid to OAT Coolant Technology, and based on increasing customer demand, Cummins Filtration is now launching ES Compleat OAT to the European aftermarket, and with that completing its coolant product portfolio. ES Compleat OAT is a Heavy-Duty NAPS-free “Life-of-Engine” product offering 1,600,000km useful life under normal operating conditions. The Nitrite, Amine, Phosphate and Silicate-free formulation fully meets ASTM D-3306, D-6210, D-4985 and Cummins CES14603, CES14439 and CES14636 performance requirements providing superior protection against liner pitting and corrosion. ES Compleat OAT is meeting the technical specifications of multiple OEM’s and compatible with all other antifreeze/ coolants. Discover more detailed product information on packaging sizes in both Premix and Concentrate as well as Fleetguard OEM Coolant recommendations for all Fleetguard coolant products and both On- and Off-Highway market segments under 'Resources/ Literature/ Coolant & Chemicals' on this website..
New Product Bulletin YTD 2020
Authorized Fleetguard distributor partners automatically receive this information through our monthly 'New Product Bulletin' communication and all customers visiting this website can view the latest additions to the product offering through the 'Quick links' button on the homepage. In order to make this information even more accessible, we compiled all products released for the European marketplace in the past 12 months in a comprehensive brochure. The products in the brochure are listed by product segment which makes it very convenient for customers to find those products relevant for their business.
Restore/ Restore Plus now coming in Metric packaging sizes
Restore and Restore Plus system cleaners are designed to remove contamination out of cooling systems without harming the metal surfaces, gaskets, hoses or plastic parts of a heavy-duty cooling system. Both cleaners, which -until today- were only available in imperial (gallon) packaging, are now offered in convenient, metric 5 and 20 Liter containers. Once a coolant system is fouled and plugged you will not succeed in removing the “dirt” by flushing with plain water. Fleetguard’s system cleaners Restore and Restore Plus address the variety of cleaning needs. Restore is an alkaline-based chelating cleaner particularly effective in cleaning silicate gel. It is also effective in removing oil contamination and solder bloom. Restore Plus is an acid-based chelating cleaner designed to remove heavy rust and scale deposits. I order to fulfill the increasing demand for these products, we have started to produce them locally in Europe and offer them -as all other Fleetguard Cooling System products- in metric packing sizes. Not only is the packaging size more convenient, it also offers a price advantage towards the imperial packaging. Please contact your Fleetguard Distributor partner for more information.
Visit us at Busworld in Istanbul
From March 5 to 7 the 8th edition of Busworld Turkey, organised by Busworld International  and its Turkish partner, HKF Trade Fairs will take place in the Istanbul Expo Center. 
Amongst other customized & integrated product/system solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Cummins Filtration will feature its real time filtration monitoring system, FIT, as well as the successful Direct Flow™ integrated Air Intake solution. Displays will also include the EURO 6 Fuel Module for Cummins mid-range engines and other innovative product solutions for Fuel filtration and Cooling system products. We will be delighted to welcome you at the joint Cummins booth in Hall 10, Stand D01.
Your ‘One Stop Shop’ – for all market segments
- New brochure features Fleetguard Filtration Solutions for the Marine Industry - Cummins Filtration offers a full line of filters under the well-known Fleetguard brand - engineered for a wide range of systems. With advanced design and high-quality performance, Fleetguard heavy-duty filters give customers the ultimate protection for their equipment. Not only in mainstream market segments such as Truck & Bus, Agriculture & Construction, Fleetguard is the first choice for customers, providing a ‘One Stop Shop’ in terms of engine Filtration: the newly released “Filtration Solutions for the Marine Industry” brochure proves that Cummins Filtration also offers a wide range of products and systems for more specialized industrial segments. On twenty content filled pages, Fuel Filtration, Air Filtration, Crankcase Ventilation as well as Coolant products and solutions are brought to the attention of customers, including technical specifications as well as associated ordering information. The brochure can be viewed and downloaded in multiple local languages through our website by clicking the button hereunder but will also be released in print prior to year end. Distributor partners predominantly serving the marine industry simple quote LT36760 (plus language suffix) on their next product order to receive copies of the printed version.
Cabin Air Filters
When mobile equipment comes in for a service interval, replacing the Cabin Air Filter probably isn’t at the top of the list. While Fuel, Lube and the engine Air Filter are changed on a regular basis, the Cabin Air Filter is most of the times not on the customer’s radar screen – although especially the Cabin Air Filter plays a critical role in filtering all kinds of pollutants entering the cabin.
It is the job of the Cabin Air Filter to filter the air coming through the car’s Air conditioning system to prevent pollutants, such as dust, pollen, soot and mold entering the passenger compartment. From a Health & Safety point of view - particularly in high dust environments such as Agriculture, road construction or (open pit) mining - the Cabin Air Filter is critical to improve the thermal comfort and to protect passengers/ drivers from any particles and contaminants that are harmful or may lead to an allergic reaction. Cummins Filtration offers a wide range of Cabin Air Filters in both standard and activated carbon quality. For all leading European truck OEM’s (from Euro 4 to EURO 6) as well as for the most popular Construction and Agriculture applications, Fleetguard Cabin Air Filters are the 1st choice for customers. Please contact your Fleetguard Distributor partner on the ongoing promotional prices for Cabin Air Filters for Truck- Agriculture- as well as Construction equipment.
New Fleet Manager Data update available!
The Fleet Manager is your helpful, interactive catalog and Fleet Management tool. To keep our customers abreast of the market, we provide data updates for Fleet Manager on a regular basis.
A new data update including the latest Fleetguard product releases and cross references is now online for all customers who have the Fleet Manager installed. Simply click on “Fleetguard Update” in the “Update” menu. The program will search the internet, report “Update Found” and will install it on your hard drive accordingly.
Encounter the entire Construction & Mining industry in one place. Visit Cummins Filtration at BAUMA in Munich
An impressive 583.000 visitors from over 200 countries attended the Bauma edition in Munich, Germany in 2016. A total of 3,425 exhibitors from 58 countries presented their latest products and innovations in construction and mining machinery on a record exhibition space of 605,000 square meters. The upcoming 2019 edition -taking place from April 8 to April14 - will bring together -again- the construction and mining machinery industry in its full breadth and depth and all key players will showcase their latest technologies.
Amongst these key players will also be Cummins, celebrating its 100th anniversary, promoting the Stage V engine platform and highlighting the Future of Clean Diesel and Electrification. Cummins Filtration -as in previous editions- embedded in the other Cummins components business units - will promote their Filtration Information Technology (FIT) as well as their latest Air Intake System development – called TetraMax. FIT is an extremely capable filtration monitoring system which is perfectly suited for the Construction & Mining business where it can significantly reduce maintenance cost and downtime. TetraMax features an innovative new media and pleating technology that can be customized to individual customer needs. We are looking forward to welcome you on our booth at BAUMA in Hall A4, Stand No. 325
FleetguardFIT™ Named Top Product for 2019
Award-winning Filtration Information Technology Offers Customers Advanced Monitoring that Minimizes Downtime and Improves Total Cost of Ownership Cummins Filtration has been awarded Heavy Duty Trucking’s “Top 20 Products for 2019” award for FleetguardFIT, the industry’s first complete real-time filtration monitoring system. This award recognizes FleetguardFIT for its innovation, potential to address significant industry issues and its ability to help a fleet’s bottom line.
In addition, FleetguardFIT was also recognized by Diesel Progress as a “Notable Product for 2018” for its unique ability to instantly monitor air, fuel and lube filters, as well as oil condition. Beyond providing customers with full visibility to the overall oil and filtration health of their equipment, FleetguardFIT also helps indicate engine or equipment issues through sensing and advanced analytics of the filter’s performance. Early problem detection reduces customer downtime and extends equipment life for FleetguardFIT customers. “FleetguardFIT allows our customers to monitor filter and oil performance in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the maintenance of their equipment,” said Amy Davis, Vice President of Cummins Filtration. “We are proud of the acknowledgement from Heavy Duty Trucking and Diesel Progress recognizing FleetguardFIT’s ability to optimize maintenance costs and minimize unplanned downtime, thereby driving improved total cost of ownership.” FleetguardFIT will be on display at the Cummins booth in Hall A4, Stand 125 at the international BAUMA trade show event in Munich from April 8-14.
Let’s Roll !
New edition of European Truck Applications Guide available now; European customers show a lot of appreciation for Application guides which Cummins Filtration releases on a regular basis for key market segments (Agriculture, Busses, Construction & Roadworks, Trucks). An updated edition of the ‘European Truck Applications Guide’ has now been released and is available both as an interactive pdf on, as well as in printed format.
Developed in a very handy pocket format, customers can find applications of all (7) leading European Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Truck segment as well as an associated cross-reference section for each of these OEM’s. In addition, the catalog also contains an overview of available Fleetguard filters for Thermoking as well as Carrier refrigerating units.
This comprehensive Mini-Catalog is a must for every customer in the Truck business and the perfect tool to find the appropriate Fleetguard filter for any given Medium- or heavy-Duty truck.
Authorized Fleetguard distributor partners can conveniently order the applications guide by quoting LT36204EU on their product order.

Fleetguard rated “A” as certified data supplier by TecAlliance for the 6th year in a row !
Founded in 1994 by companies of the automotive aftermarket industry and the German Association of Spare Parts (Gesamtverband Autoteile - GVA), the ‘TecDoc Informations System GmbH’ and their TecDoc catalog is THE information source and reference point for the vehicle repair market in Europe for almost 25 years. The world’s largest vehicle database with approximately 110,000 unique vehicle types contains 670 (spare parts) brands, and users in workshops throughout the European continent consult the TECDOC catalog, available in 35 local languages, on a daily basis.
Fleetguard Aftermarket distributor partners also widely use the TecDoc catalog – that is why Fleetguard is a certified data supplier since 2012 and the Fleetguard filter brand being embedded in the vehicle spare parts catalog. The catalog is an evergreen source and Fleetguard part number information being submitted on a continuous basis by our catalog specialists. In that regard, we are proud that Cummins Filtration has been rated an “A” as certified data supplier for the 6th consequential year in a row. For reference: To be awarded an ‘A’ supplier, your spare part descriptions have to conform at least 99 % to TecDoc Standards and the error quota of the delivered part number tables must not exceed 1 %.
New edition of Constructions & Roadworks Applications Guide available!
European customers show a lot of appreciation for Application Guides which Cummins Filtration release on a regular basis for key market segments. An updated revision of the ‘European Constructions & Roadworks Applications Guide’ has now been completed and is available in print as well as an interactive pdf on this website.
The printed version of the applications guide can be conveniently ordered by authorized Fleetguard distributor partners by quoting LT36398EU on their product order. On 240 pages, customers can find applications of leading European Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Construction & Roadworks segment as well as an associated cross-reference section for each OEM. This comprehensive Mini-Catalog is a must for every customer in the Construction & Roadworks business and the perfect tool to find the appropriate Fleetguard filter for any given piece of equipment.