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NanoForce Air Filters

In the world of large off-highway equipment, dust ingression can quickly bring productivity to a halt. Due to the use of air pre-cleaners, the typical primary air filter is challenged with capturing small particles. These tiny dust particles wreak havoc on pistons, rings, liners and many other engine parts. NanoForce® filters remove and retain particles before they reach engine components.

• Nanofiber filter media provides 99.99% filtration efficiency; the best engine protection available
• 3x the engine protection vs. conventional filters; quantifiable reduction in wear particles
• Long service interval - 2x longer service life achieved versus conventional air filter; fewer air filter changes
• Robust construction enhanced with Nanofiber media; reliable engine protection
• Advanced pleat geometry, spacing and stabilization; superior engine protection and longest filter service life

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  • Beat the Dust with NanoForce Media

    NanoForce filters combat tiny particles at a submicron level, removing and retaining the particles before they reach engine components. NanoForce nanofibers are significantly smaller in diameter than a coarse human hair. The nanofibers work together with the base cellulose media to provide the most advanced air filtration engine protection available in the industry today.

    NanoForce Features: 

    • Nanofiber filter media provides the highest possible filtration efficiency without compromising filter life

    • Pleat geometry, spacing and stabilization yields the optimal filter performance for the equipment application

    • Proven materials, handles and seals ensure that filter life capability is supported by a filter structure that will go the distance

    • 2X longer service life achieved versus conventional air filter

    • 3X the engine protection versus conventional filters, with quantifiable reduction in wear particles