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Your ‘One Stop Shop’ – for all market segments

- New brochure features Fleetguard Filtration Solutions for the Marine Industry -

Not only in mainstream market segments such as Truck & Bus, Agriculture & Construction, Fleetguard is the first choice for customers,  providing a ‘One Stop Shop’ in terms of engine Filtration: the newly released “Filtration Solutions for the Marine Industry” brochure proves that Cummins Filtration also offers a wide range of products and systems for more specialized industrial segments.

On twenty content filled pages, Fuel Filtration, Air Filtration, Crankcase Ventilation as well as Coolant products and solutions are brought to the attention of customers, including technical specifications as well as associated ordering information.



Product Spotlight

Cabin Air Filters

When mobile equipment comes in for a service interval, replacing the Cabin Air Filter probably isn’t at the top of the list. While Fuel, Lube and the engine Air Filter are changed on a regular basis, the Cabin Air Filter is most of the times not on the customer’s radar screen – although especially the Cabin Air Filter plays a critical role in filtering all kinds of pollutants entering the cabin.



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