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Storage Tank Filtration
The fuel supply, which includes the processing, transportation and long-term storage of diesel fuel is a critical stage that can lead to contamination and degradation of the fuel. Customers utilizing storage tanks -regardless whether in an On-Highway or Off-Highway environment- should ensure that the diesel fuel being dispensed from that storage tank into a vehicle, is both water-free and does not contain any contaminants (contamination being dirt, water and asphaltines).
Vehicle Tank (remote mount) Fuel Filtration
Fleetguard fuel processors are best-in-class at fuel/water separation and particle removal flow capability from 225 to 680 l/hr. With StrataPore media inside, these processors reduce contamination and support longer service intervals. Each system offers unique features, like Water-in-Fuel sensors to monitor collected water level; fuel heaters to maintain proper temperature; and Seeing Is Believing™ technology that tells users when to change the filter. The Product range includes Fuel Pro®, Diesel Pro® and Industrial Pro® “All-in-One” single, double (duplex) and triple (triplex) units for On-Highway, Off-Highway and stationary industrial applications and equipment.
Engine Filtration
Fleetguard fuel filters deliver best-in-class performance using proprietary StrataPore or NanoNet media which remove harmful contaminants. Each gradient media layer offers unique properties that tailors performance based on specific applications requirements. Use of Fleetguard on-engine filters ensures optimal fuel system protection per demanding OEM specifications.