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Air Filters with NanoForce® media deliver the cleanest combustion air possible for On & Off Highway engine applications. Nanofiber, when combined with our enhanced pleat design delivers optimal air filter performance for superior engine protection and lower equipment operating costs.
Direct Flow
Designed to address space constraints associated with packaging engines that meet globally tighter emissions standards, Fleetguard Direct Flow® air filtration technology provides optimum protection with improved air management and greater installation flexibility.
Opti Air
Cummins Filtration’s patented OptiAir® technology addresses key design requirements of all equipment manufacturers while outperforming conventional radial seal designs.
Magnum RS (Radial Seal)
Designed to meet the rugged demands of equipment that operates in the harshest environments, the Fleetguard Magnum RS® radial seal Air Filters provide real-world value. Magnum RS offers unique features that provide significant benefits for longer service life and optimum performance when the job demands it.