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Cummins Filtration introduces Fleetguard Direct Flow, the next generation of air filtration solutions. This technology offers better engine protection and lower maintenance costs within a smaller profile than conventional air filtration systems.

  • Extended air filter life

  • Up to 50% smaller than competitive products

  • Extra protection with optional pre-cleaner and secondary filter

  • Less inventory with broader application use

  • Applicable for low to high dust environments

  • Rust-free composite construction

  • Optimized for the most rugged environments


Design & Performance for Today's Engines
Designed to address space constraints associated with packaging engines that meet globally tighter emissions standards, Fleetguard Direct Flow air filtration technology provides optimum protection with improved air management and greater installation flexibility. The creative design utilizes a straight air flow path allowing filter media to be packaged in a smaller space efficient profile with easier serviceability. Longer service life is available versus typical cylindrical air filter shapes. 

Improved Performance in a Smaller Package
Fleetguard Direct Flow provides more performance in less space than competitive air system providers. The proven technology employs highly optimized, stiff phenolic media arranged in a rectangular “V-block” configuration to optimize space normally wasted in the inner diameter of a typical cylindrical air filter. The design advantage maximizes filter life and minimizes air flow restriction. This enables the right balance between application packaging demands and filtration performance requirements. 

Proven in the Real World
Fleetguard Direct Flow meets Medium and Heavy Duty dust specification requirements and has been lab tested to meet OEM, SAE, ISO, ASTM and JIS test standards. Direct Flow has proven handling capabilities for large debris and snow that causes premature plugging of the pre-cleaner and filter. Cummins Filtration has completed over 150,000 hours of field test experience across a wide array of applications and severe environments, including log skidders, tree shakers and rock drills.


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