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Fleetguard cabin air filtration solutions provide vehicle and equipment operators with a cleaner, healthier working environment.


Why is Cabin Air Filtration Important?
The cab of a vehicle is the operator’s work environment. Hours behind the wheel or riding in the cab each day means you are breathing in the air from a variety of outside
conditions such as traffic emissions, smog and even allergens like pollen and dust. Clean air in the cab means a clean work environment, and breathing cleaner air can lead to longer and more productive working hours.

Benefits of Using Fleetguard Cabin Air Filters:
Effectively removes dust, soot, smog, pollen, mold spores, mildew, pet dander, fumes, and other allergens from the outside air before entering the cab
• Recirculated air in the cab also passes through the cabin air filter
• Reduces stress on cabin HVAC fans and motors when regularly serviced
• Maintenance/Service requirements are easy to perform and cost effective
• Meets OEM specifications