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Use ES Compleat to provide superior engine protection, extend service intervals, and simplify your maintenance program. 

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  • REAL™ Performance
    Lifetime coolant with service interval at 150,000 mi, 250 km, 4000 hrs
    Provides antifreeze and antiboil protection
    Best liner pitting and corrosion protection
    Best aluminum and solder protection
    Compatible with gaskets, elastomers and other non-metallics in the engine
    Optimizes cooling system performance and water pump life
    Contains proprietary scale inhibitors

    REAL™ Versatility
    Compatible with all other antifreeze/coolants
    Choose from EG & PG formulations
    Available in 50/50 & 60/40 premix
    For all diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines

    REAL™ Serviceability
    Additive levels easily maintained via ES Extender liquid or a chemically charged filter
    Easy to use test strips monitor glycol and additive levels providing protection against coolant dilution
    Extend the life of your coolant
    At 150,000 miles, refortify your coolant with ES Extender, a liquid chemical specifically designed to replace the additives depleted in the prior service interval.

    Fleetguard ES Compleat EG and PG Extended Life Coolants meet or exceed the performance requirements of the following:
    TMC RP-338 Extended Life, TMC RP-329 (EG), RP-330 (PG), ASTM D-4985 (EG) , D-5216 (PG), ASTM D-6210 (EG), ASTM-6211 (PG), CID-A-A-52624, Waukesha® 4-1974D, GM6038M, Cummins®, SB 3666132, Cummins® CES 14603, Caterpillar®, Detroit Diesel® 7SE298, John Deere® 8650-5, Case New Holland®, Navistar®, Freightliner® 48-22880, Volvo®, PACCAR®, MACK® 014617004, EMD M.I. 1784E