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By-pass Filtration: Superior by Design
Field testing has proven that the Venturi™ Combo's by-pass-stacked discs remove harmful sludge and allow the lube system to perform more effectively than full-flow only synthetic filters. In fact, the Venturi Combo removes up to three times as many contaminants as full-flow-only synthetic filters.

The patented Venturi nozzle creates a low-pressure zone to help oil flow efficiently through the stacked-disc section. Then, the nozzle diffuser maximizes the flow through the pleated StrataPore media for minimum total-filter restriction. Why is this better? Because in the real world:

  • Cellulose media and current gasket materials are not durable enough for extended service use.

  • Low flow restriction is critical to engine protection, especially in cold-start situations.

  • Lube filtration systems must have sludge-removal capabilities for extended service use.


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