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Now you can check your fluid analysis results online. Click here to log in. 

If you do not already have a username and password, call 800-22FILTER and select Monitor™ Fluid Analysis option.

Note: Fluid analysis service is only available in North America.

A Variety of Analysis Packages
Monitor™ is available in a variety of select individual analysis packages, including:

LT36268 -- CC2700: Monitor™ Coolant System Analysis (English)
LT36269 -- CC2543: Monitor™ Correct Oil Drain Analysis (English)
LT36270 -- CC2544: Monitor™ Engine Failure Analysis (English)
LT36271 -- CC2525: Monitor™ Engine Oil Analysis (English)
LT36272 -- CC2527: Monitor™ Hydraulic & Transmission Fluid Analysis (English)
LT15093 -- Monitor™ - The Complete Guide to Fluid Analysis (English)

Individual analysis packages include a broad spectrum of tests for elemental analysis (spectroscopy), infrared spectroscopy, gas, viscosity, total base number (TBN), particle count, direct reading ferrography, microscopic analytic ferrography, and much more.
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