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Today’s Cummins engines give higher performance and better fuel economy than ever before. Lubricating oils have also evolved to meet the demands of the harshest driving and operating conditions, and now filters are evolving too. Meet the latest in lube filtration technology – the LF14000NN with NanoNet® media.


At Cummins Filtration, we have a history of innovation in lube filtration technology. Since introducing the Fleetguard LF502 bag filter and spool full flow lube filter for Cummins engines in 1959, Cummins Filtration has led the industry by developing increasingly advanced products. Introduction of the LF750 by-pass filter in 1960 and the LF670 large diameter, pleated paper, full flow, spin-on lube filter in the 1970s kept us at the forefront of technology.

In the 1980s, Cummins Filtration took another step forward with the introduction of combination full flow/by-pass filtration in the patented LF3000™. The LF3000™ led the way for today's advanced lube filtration systems, which provide increased engine life over all service intervals, as well as:
Extended service intervals
Increased vehicle uptime
Decreased vehicle maintenance costs
Reduced disposal costs

StrataPore® Media
By implementing the revolutionary StrataPore multi-layered media in the 1990s, the combo filter was improved even more. StrataPore as introduced in the full flow section to work in combination with the stacked discs to remove the smallest dirt particles, which cause the most engine damage. This configuration reduces engine wear by as much as 60% in some applications.

Venturi™ Combo System
The technology was taken even further with the introduction of the Venturi™ Combo. The OEM-approved Venturi allows the lube system to perform up to four times as long and remove up to three times the contaminants as a full synthetic filter. The patented Venturi nozzle provides a low-pressure zone for the oil to flow through the pleated media for increased efficiency. This innovative technology results in longer life and better performance for your vehicle. And, unlike its competitors, the Venturi was tested in a real world environment, not bench tested.

NanoNet® Media Technology
With advanced research and media manufacturing capabilities, Cummins Filtration has developed nanofiber media for Fleetguard lube filters. The pairing of NanoNet® media with StrataPore® media has created a new breed of lube filter that offers higher efficiency, higher capacity and the best cold flow vs restriction available. This makes the LF14000NN the best choice for providing maximum protection for your Cummins ISX engine.


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