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  Centrifuge Filters
To meet today's increasingly stringent environmental requirements, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are changing engine designs to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Such design changes can result in an increase in contaminant levels of lube oil--particularly soot, which can cause valve bridge and fuel injection wear, filter plugging, bearing failures and sludge formation.

At the same time, end users need to extend their oil drain intervals and reduce costly downtime. Cummins Filtration has created a solution to meet both of these critical needs: Centrifuge filters.
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The Benefits of Centrifuge
Centrifuge filters meet the specifications required for today's diesel engines worldwide and offer:
  • Lower operating costs - Equipment can operate in extended service environments (ESI) with lower part-replacement and service costs.
  • Increased vehicle uptime - With its patented ConeStaC™ technology, Centrifuge offers lower wear rates, resulting in lower oil consumption than conventional filters and decreased vehicle downtime through extended filter life.
  • Reduced environmental waste - The ConeStaC™ system is composed of a plastic liner shell, plastic cones and plastic base plate, which make it completely disposable and incinerable. This means less waste in disposal and minimal environmental impact.
Broad Range of Applications
Cummins Filtration offers a wide variety of OEM "first fit" and aftermarket centrifuge systems for diesel engines, transmissions, and industrial applications worldwide, including 18 liter and above diesel engines, 450 hp and above and 335 KW and above. Retrofit capabilities also allow mounting the centrifuge system remotely from the engine, if required.

Optional configurations include:
  • CH44105 - Bottom drain unit with metric threads
  • CH44110/CH44115 - Custom integrated design for Cummins K19 and Q19 liter diesel engines
  • CH44120 - Side drain unit with English threads


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