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  Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Filter Photo
Hydraulic Filter Photo
Our commitment to technology helps keep you going. We offer an extensive line of hydraulic filtration products for medium and low-duty applications. We also offer a comprehensive replacement hydraulic filter line for many competitive filter part numbers.

Through the right choice of filter media, our Cummins Filtration brand hydraulic filtration products achieve higher efficiency and dust capacity with lower pressure-drop characteristics than the competition. This prolongs component life, which saves you money in the long run.

The proper oil-cleanliness level for critical clearances on components in the hydraulic fluid stream is the key. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to perform multi-pass, pressure-drop, flow-fatigue and hydrostatic burst testing.
For your convenience, filter elements are available in a variety of media and micron rating efficiencies. Filters can be selected for petroleum- and water-base fluid compatibility. Filter heads are also available in multiple inlet/outlet port sizes and by-pass valve settings.

System performance, design flexibility and product quality are reflected in Fleetguard's diverse hydraulic filtration product line.

Multiple Options
Our hydraulic filters offer a wide range of capabilities, depending on the model:
  • Rated flows ranging from 37 gpm (140 L/min) for the HF6500 Series to 55 gpm (208 L/min) for the HF6800 Series.
  • Maximum static pressures ranging from 350 psi (2413 kPa) for the HF6500 Series to 700 psi (4826 kPa) for the HF6800 Series.
  • Recommended working pressures starting at 250 psi (1724 kPa) for the HF6500 Series to 400 psi (2758 kPa) for the HF6800 Series.
Duramax™ Replacement Filters
Cummins Filtration offers an extensive line of replacement hydraulic filters for the Donaldson® Duramax™ spin-on applications, per the following specifications:
  • Rated Fatigue Strength (NFPA Standard T2.6.1 - 1974 Category 1/90) 1,000,000 cycles @ 0-350 psid; 300,000 cycles @ 0-400 psid; 100,000 cycles @ 0-500 psid
  • Rated Static Pressure (NFPA Standard T2.6.1 - 1974 Category 1/90); 1,000 psid
  • Element Collapse Pressure Rating (ANSI B93.25/ISO 2941)
OEM and Competitor Replacements
Cummins Filtration offers an extensive line of mobile and industrial hydraulic filter replacements for competitors like Donaldson®, Fairey Arlon, Hycon, Pall Corporation, Parker Hannifin, Schroeder Industries and Vickers. Call the Customer Assistance Center in your region for more information.

Cummins Filtration also offers professional laboratory fluid testing for fuel, coolant, hydraulic and transmission fluids. Click here to learn more.


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